Getting to Broome

by Cruise Liner


Expected Cruise Ship arrival dates in Broome for 2014 -2016

If you are keen to cruise the North Coast of Australia and include Broome as a port of call then click on the links below and consider your options. You may even want to jump ship and finish your holiday in the Kimberley before jetting home.

If you have already booked your cruise and are dead keen to set sail and are just doing some homework before you embark then you may be very interested in the tour prices charged right here in Broome for the exact same experience your Cruise Director offer at a much inflated price.

Luxury liners are an expensive industry but there is really no need for you to have to pay more than any other visitor to Broome. One traveller: One price.

There are considerable savings if you book through any of Broome’s accommodation options, the local visitor centre or direct with the tour operator. Check out all your tour options in our “What to do” tab above.  Phone, text or email; but make sure you arrange before you embark on your cruise if you want to receive considerable savings and pay what every other traveller does.

I genuinely suggest you do this for every port of call!

The dates for all scheduled Cruise Ship arrivals here in Broome for follow as do links to each Cruise liners websites just in case you are interested in jumping on board.

If you do visit by Cruise Liner a loyal band of locals greet every Cruise Ship to Broome and they look forward to welcoming you ashore right here in Broome and will make every effort to assist you in having a memorable day in the hope that you will return and experience everything Broome and The Kimberley have to offer. Set aside a week or two at least; there is a fair bit to see so take the time to experience our world.

Broome Cruise Ship Committee

To those onboard: The Broome Cruise Ship Committee are a group of local volunteers who freely offer their time to meet and great you on your arrival here in Broome. They are on hand to offer you maps; answer your questions or just have a friendly chat about the town they love.


To those of you in Broome: If you are interested in volunteering a couple of hours of your time on the Cruise Ship Committee simply call Glenn on 0428 818 828.
We are always in search of new people to join our loyal band of volunteers.

The Cruise Ships  Schedule

The Cruise Ships that visit Broome

Princess Cruises escape completely
Pacific Sun, Sun Princess & Dawn Princess

Royal Caribbean International
Rhapsody of the Sea & Radiance of the Sea


Phoenix Reisen

Silver Shadow

Celebrity Cruises
Celebrity Century