Staircase to the Moon – Town Beach, Roebuck Bay

Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon created by the rising of a full moon and casting its reflection off the exposed mudflats in Roebuck Bay at extremely low tide, to create a breathtaking optical illusion of a widening golden staircase that extends all the way to the moon. Generally occurs March through to October every year.

Staircase Night Markets are held in Pioneer Park at Town Beach on the nights marked below. Sample local Food, purchase local art & craft and be entertained by the talented local entertainers. Market dates are subject to change without notice.

Staircase to the Moon 2016 dates and times

Month Day & Date Moonrise
MARCH 24 March 6.33pm
25 March 7.11pm
26 March 7.50pm
APRIL 22 April 5.50pm
23 April 6.30pm
24 April 7.12pm
MAY 22 May 5.54pm
23 May 6.40pm
24 May 7.29pm
JUNE 21 June 6.16pm
22 June 7.09pm
23 June 8.04pm
JULY 20 July 5.56pm
21 July 6.53pm
22 July 7.50pm
AUGUST 19 August 6.37pm
20 August 7.36pm
21 August 8.35pm
SEPTEMBER 17 September 6.21pm
18 September 7.21pm
19 September 8.23pm
OCTOBER 16 October 6.04pm
17 October 7.07pm
18 October 8.11pm